From more pixel to better pixel for High performance and low latency video solution IPs

High performance video ip solutions

  • 4K video and 8K video encoder and decoder:
  • High Dynamic Range , HDR;  Wide color gamut + High frame rate
  • Advanced picture processing : H.265 (HEVC) for broadcast, and VP9 for web video ; True 10-bit 4:2:2 color support
  • Transcoding for picture-in-picture capability ; Transcode for 2nd screen devices
  • Video compression IP
  • Image processor, ISP:  High quality image processing pipeline, from CMOS sensor to RGB/YUV ; Support for sensors from all main vendors e.g. On Semi, Sony etc. Comprehensive1D and 2D, 3D pipelines; Support  up to 8K60 video ; Optimized processing paths for encoder & GPU ; Statistics and metadata outputs ; Dedicated encoder processing path; Direct output to encoder; Multi-sensor, multi-context handling in a single ISP ; Area & bandwidth efficiency
  • MJPEG/C Frame  IP
  • Full software support for all major OS’s, and easy porting to others.
  • Full customization for embedded software design services and above IPs