Software Design Services for Artificial Intelligence

Customer Engagement – AI


Support on X86, TX2 platform

  • Linux Driver Development
  • Custom DMA support
  • Xilinx DMA support
  • PMIC driver
  • Test Application – Validation Env

Video use case development

  • Custom Gstreamer plugin
  • Video pipeline for use case
  • Integration with Linux driver
  • Profiling support

Initial Profiling

  • Accuracy
  • Performance throughput

Custom HW

  • Custom Board Design
  • PCIe controller integrated to FPGA
  • Integration of custom DMA Logic


Silicon Validation

  • Bring up
  • IP validation
  • SoC characterization
  • Detailed use case validations
  • Optimization for the Silicon
  • Developing user Mode Drivers
  • Build & Test Automation

Video use case development

  • Developing actual customer application using Gstreamer
  • Overlay support
  • AI inference integration
  • Support on Linux and Android

Silicon Profiling

  • Power & Performance throughput
  • AI use case benchmarking

Custom HW

  • Custom Board for the Silicon


SDK Support

  • Production drivers
  • Sample applications

Video use case development

  • Production Plugin
  • Examples for plugin integration
  • Sample AI inference integration
  • Support on Linux and Android

Debugger & Profiler Tools

  • Additional independent Tools for customers to integrate and profile at their end
  • Benchmarking tool suite

Reference Platform

  • Custom Board for the Silicon
  • SDK library support
  • Reference applications running