Merger and Acquisition

IP-Semantics mergers & acquisitions advisory is geared specifically for owners of small to medium-sized high tech businesses with earnings of $2 to $30 million and deal values of $10 to $50 million. The due diligence process, escrows, reps & warranties, and other contingent liabilities are minefields for the unprepared. IP-Semantics helps you safeguard your deal prior to going to market and throughout the process by identifying, addressing and rectifying issues early on. Whether you’re going to market today or building value for tomorrow, we work with you on :

  • Synergy of management and products for the buyer and the seller
  • Valuation arbitrage on acquisitions
  • Management team incentives
  • Financial fundamentals and operating efficiencies
  • Working capital minimization
  • Tax structuring and planning
  • Strategic opportunities
  • Leveraging brands and intellectual property allowing for significantly increased valuations