end–end RF IP solution for IOT

We provide complete end to end RF IP solution that includes the Transceivers, AFE, and PA for all wireless standards such as BTE, Wi-Fi , Wi-Fi lite , LTE , LTE-Lite in IOT market with ultra-low power. Our end – end RF IP covers the complete RF/analog/Mixed signal section, including the data convertors, clock generator and the digital signal processing for calibration, filtering, and rate conversion. Our added advantages are:

  • Ultra low power full radio including ultra-low power Transceiver, Ultra-low power AFE and PA in IP form
  • Multiple radio for multiple wireless standards such as mix of BTE, Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi plus BTE or LTE-Lite or LTE and GPS
  • NB RF IP to include transceiver + AFE + PA and GNSS
  • Full custom solution in IP form, GDSII form or packaged and tested die form
  • Non royalty based model available
  • Schematics for the IP can be available for internal usage.